Monday, December 13, 2010

Are You Looking For An Automatic Income System? Just Follow 4 Easy Steps...

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This is a copy paste system all the way.  Follow these steps then make a
copy of this letter and post it online.  We will all make money as each
person copies and pastes this letter then follows the steps.  It will work
for you simply join us in the program then replace the url in the text 
with your own!  You can simply copy and paste this letter in to a blog
at or anywhere you want!  

Please first read the letter, join the programs, then copy and paste it.

Dear Friend

If you are looking for an automated income system that you can start today
right on the internet and be set up by tomorrow you are in the right place.

First Let Me Tell You What I am NOT OFFERING YOU...

Have you looked around the internet to see what is available
in the automated income system arena?  It's disheartening at best.
Lots of people would like to sell you the radical business opportunity where
everybody signs up to market after paying A LOT but nobody explains how to 
get others to do the same for you! Hense you spend a lot of money and never
get any return.


On the contrary I am offering you an automated income system  where
you never give me any money in the first place.  You actually make
money first doing simple earning which I call clicks and then you use
that money to pay in.  I bet that sounds better!  In addition we teach you
how to recruit new members..

Think about that ... your visitors don't want to be charged a big batch of
money up front.

You would agree right?

That's the thing about the internet -- everything moves so fast, and you
 see an offer to make money which sounds so good and boom there
goes another 50 dollars down the drain because you never recruit one person.

Just how did they get you to join and give up your money? Well maybe it was
the old "Get In Early" routine.  The idea is that you can start recruiting fast 
like the big  guns before it gets saturated.  Only you are not a big gun.

Well no tricks this time.  Here's something that works for little guns like us...

I'm offering you the chance to become one of a small group who are earning at
our pace no pressure.


As a member of our little free site: Simple Money Monthly

This is a PTC Business that is already created, you instantly get
 a sales page to promote the minute you are a member.
In Addition to that you will join our facebook group and follow the units.
Step by step training.  And loads of people who all help each other out.

This means you can immediately start making money.

 Business history has shown over and over again that the rewards and
advantages of working at home can go far beyond a person's wildest dreams!
In fact, it's perfectly possible to launch a small business within a day or two
right here on the internet. I will show you.

If that sounds like something you would like to do then follow the simple steps. 
I'm not only going to show you where to sigh up, I'm also going to
show you where the facebook group is:  Not only will you be a part of a group
of people who care about you, but you'll also begin generating residual income on
demand.  You and the people you introduce using this very same blog post
will have step by step instructions to come into the system and do what you are
doing right now.

This is a copy and paste win win proposition:

Again there is nothing to buy! Just follow the steps below!

Step #1:   For Free, JOIN SimpleMonthlyMoney Click the link below..

Step #2  Sign up for our FACEBOOK GROUPYou will find the link in the members area

Step #3:  Go to the fb group follow the Step By Step Units! also start joining the free programs!

Step #4:  Advertise! Enjoy watching your income grow no out of pocket!

Thats it just promote your copy of this letter and watch while people sign up
under you and do the same.  God Bless You I am Right Here if You Need Help.
If you need help with anything email me:  Cmkoch777{at}

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